Forcing homeless families out of London – our report on London councils ending their homeless duties with private rented accommodation

Freedom of information report shows 95% of the households Newham council have forced out of the borough have children (e.g.’take this housing in Birmingham or lose your right to social housing altogether’)
How disruptive to their education, and they family’s stability! Our council has failed in their duty of care to local residents.

This isn’t new information if you follow local news and/or the work of groups like the FocusE15 Mothers, but this report shows Newham are one of the worst cases for this social cleansing.

Please join us and the Focus E15 Mothers in fighting back. Social housing is a right, not a privilege.

Housing Action Southwark & Lambeth


Using Freedom Of Information requests sent to London councils, we looked at how hundreds of homeless households are being forced out of their home communities and out of London into private rented housing or else facing destitution. You can read our full report HASL report on private sector discharge -final

The Guardian has covered the research here

We wrote about our findings for Novara Media here

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