The Newham Green Party are committed to a range of issues. We are currently focusing our efforts upon 3 local issues in Newham; these are air pollution, housing and fair wages.
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Tackling air pollution

Levels of air pollution are dangerously high in Newham, and we feel more should be done to raise awareness and tackle this. Using a citizen science approach we will identify problem areas and work to implement Green sustainable solutions for Newham residents to benefit.

Tackling air pollution March 2015

Affordable housing

We believe all Newham residents have a right to good quality, safe, affordable housing. By building more social rented homes and bringing abandoned buildings back into use we will ensure that everyone has a secure and affordable place to live in Newham.

100% social housing for Boleyn development March 2015

Keep the rich, off the pitch! March 2015

Greens supporting campaign against Boleyn Development March 2015

Green solution to the housing crisis in Newham April 2015

Fair wages

The London borough of Newham is currently the most deprived borough in London. The gap between rich and poor in the UK has never been wider and it continues to get worse. We are demanding the introduction of a ‘Living Wage’. This will help ensure low paid workers earn enough to provide for themselves and their families and eradicate poverty in Newham for good.

Newham needs a living wage March 2015

The problem with tax-dodging March 2015


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