The problem with tax-dodging

taxevasionYou pay your taxes on time, so how come many big companies are able to avoid paying taxes, and get away with it?

Did you know the UK loses more than £3.6 billion to tax avoidance each year?

We believe a Tax Dodging Bill is needed to make tax fair.


If elected, both Tamsin and Rachel have pledged to introduce a Tax Dodging Bill in the first 100 days after the election. Such a law will:

  • Make it harder for big companies to dodge UK taxes and ensure they’re not getting unfair tax breaks
  • Ensure UK tax rules don’t encourage big companies to avoid tax in developing countries
  • Make the UK tax regime more transparent and tougher on tax dodging.
  • We are also calling for political parties to commit to using the funds raised in the UK to tackle poverty here.

Caroline Lucas MP has been a long-term advocate of making taxes fair. She launched a Tax and Financial Transparency Bill in the House of Commons and has exposed the fact that HMRC was failing to prevent serious tax evasion, amounting to as much as £16 billion of lost tax each year. Despite two attempt at getting the Bill passed, it failed to gain enough Parliamentary support.

We need more Greens in the Houses of Parliament.

People who understand that tax dodging in unacceptable and are willing to fight for a fairer society.


Further information:

The Tax Dodging Bill campaign – you can support the campaign on the website, too!

Towns against Tax Dodging – you can also push your Newham Councillors to take action!

Greens throw support behind Tax Dodging Bill 

FAQ about the Tax Dodging Bill


Newham Hospital under pressure

A Care Quality Commission report yesterday placed Barts Health NHS Trust (which runs 6 hospitals, including Newham Hospital) under special measures. Although Newham Hospital has been performing well, campaigners have raised concerns that it could face “funding pressures” as a result of the CQC report. This is another consequence of the top-down reorganisation of the NHS, enforced by the Health and Social Care Act (2012).

On a more positive note, this week we heard Caroline Lucas (MP for Brighton Pavillion) propose a new NHS Bill to roll back privatisation and reinstate founding NHS principles. The political will to restore a ‘public NHS’, protected from privatisation and free at the point of delivery is coming from the Green Party. It’s backed by rebels from across the benches, PPCs, medical professionals and campaign groups throughout England.

We applaud the great work which Caroline Lucas is doing, and some of our local members will be travelling down to Brighton later this month to support the #TeamCaroline campaign for re-election!

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